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Lord of the rings online

Double experience weekend was active for NaktiesKarys and Vytautaz…and 2 grinding alts.

NaktiesKarys was very happy to do instances with Kinship, I can’t even remember how many of them wew have done. It’s just simple – someone drops idea, group is formed, instance assaulted and just as we finish we are thinking about another instance…The only problem is time, sometimes it is almost midnight when I need to go to sleep. Was also happy to help kinnies with lvl.60s Great Barrow instances. I was strong enough to wipe everything. One kinnie helped with Moria exploring (additional 10 TP gained).

I have finally, finally rebuilt Hytbold! It took me to one quest to see yet another Rohirric “we win yet the loss is great” thing…but now I bear title “Thane of Hytbold”. I am really proud of it.

There were downfalls too: tried to solo Dark Delvings. Went all the way, killed everything untill last boss. Initially was able to take some 10.000 hp from it and the became immortal, I was killed. Unfortunately, I did not find any company for assaulting and offer for help came too late. Also, I am having difficulties with warbands: if it is with adds and main monster is >99.000 hp strong, then I am doomed. Slowly-moving monsters are not such problem, one time soloed Troll group.

Vytautaz was a bit active in Angmar. He took every task item from vaults and now is just waiting for level 47: then, many many task turn-ins and xp. However, most quests are forced fellowship only.

Alts hah to be renamed: Turbine won’t allow such as “Xbb” (“sorry, this name is gibberish”), so had to call “Xbab” instead. I really enjoyed my Minstrels – they were growing quickly, outperforming Champions and losing mainly to higher level Hunters. I finished basic deeds in Ered-Luin, then teleported to Archet, did spider slayer and brigand slayer deeds. Yesterday sacrificed some time, did Ered Luin deeds without deed accelerator…and then accelerated killing in Bree. Spiders, Brigands, Neeker-breakers – all these were completed and I even had 7 or 8 minutes left. Cartographile deed (+10 TPs) is worth every second I invested into getting those maps.

Things are becoming really cool in Lotro for me. I do Hytbold, I do Wildermore dailies, then I hunt for Wargs and other beasts in Western Rohan (slayer deeds + class deeds), then I turn in tasks, then have some hunt in lvl.95 instances or just helping friends.

And so great weekend in Lotro has ended. I had some 3655 Turbine points, not sure how many Hytbold tokens and re-equipped my Champion with quality gear. Life is just great in Lotro.