Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was active in Hytbold: did dailies, then used all his 30 tokens to repair “Lightining and fences”. One moree rebuilding deed will be completed today. Took some instances, including Carn Dum. Fought Mordirith and  it was really hard to solo it…but I did it. Yet some Carn Dum deeds remain to be done.

Vytautaz did very little – just chatted, found little activity of his own level. Then, went to hunt poor lvl.7 wolves for light leather. Gathered 102 of it, gave to DunedanMule.

DunedanMule advanced her tailor/forester crafting and tried to produce some lvl.7 light armour. As with some crafted items, it was a disaster. No armour that fits Minstrel. Added morale, power regeneration…and no Vitality, Will, Agility. Finally, crafted something, sent to XaaX.

And XaaX saw Archet burned and then tried her new dressing. It was a complete fashion disaster. Robe looked like a rag from second-hand shop. Tried to colour it with Olive colour, but things got worse. Hat was terrible. Only less visible things, like cloak and boots were not that bad. Poor girl, she has to use this unless monsters drop something usefull. However, this armour would protect her for most of time better than vendor one. XaaX managed to ride to Bree and use 2 sets of reputation items. Ride to Celondim, then waiting untill today.

And so the day has ended. I had 2720 Turbine points (though nowhere to spent them), 0 Hytbold tokens. Life was good and interesting in Lotro.