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Lord of the rings online

Lotro: one of producers is back, published a very promissing letter promissing lots of nice things. Revamps, return to flooded Isengard (could we get an option to stomp Saruman to the ground?), return of Hobnigan (could we use Grima’s head instead of ball?) and much more. I think everyone is excited.

NaktiesKarys did Hytbold dailies, tried to ask any friendly Hunter to summon to the tower of Eaworth, but there were no hunters and only Kinship hunter was far, far away. I am close to rebuilding Mead Hall and soon would have to grind many tokens to rebuild some houses. After Hytbold went to farm reputation items: some 584 Barrow treasures and 122 Cordolan trinkets. Would have to grind for other items too. Had a discussion with Kinship about our activity and event planning.

XaaU was deleted. Farewell, my good brave toon that gave me lots of Turbine points and 3 gold, you will be remembered as most long-lived TP grinders.

XaaXmini, my Warden, was having hard times. I was accustomed to “each 2 levels, new ability”…and now I get none. I must build stuff for gambit, then use gambit quickly, but up untill 7 lvl. there was no devastating attack. As a Minstrel, I could just one-shot spider, I had one deadly blow…and now each enemy took some hits before gambit and at least 2 hits after gambit. Maybe Warden’s tankin starts at level 10 or 20?

It is highly possible I did miss something. Wiki was of little use. I had to choose traits tree and was lost: tanking was “self heal”. Wait, I do not need self heals. Other tree – “debuff, mezz”. No, thanks, no need to debuff. Finally chose yellow, “damage from distance”…and yet first things to choose were…melee ones.

I got my Warden to level 7, saw Archet burn, then just rode to Bree and used reputation items with 3 factions. This done, toon was deleted. Warden was too hard for me, it’s like playing chess (and I was never good in that): if I move this figure there, oponent would move there, I would counterattack and finally checkmate to oponent. Maybe true Warden starts at some level 20, maybe low damage was due to dull weapons (but once again, my minis were doing serious damage with same dull weapons).

Did I get disappointed? Not exactly. So far Minstrel is my favourite class, it has almost everything I could dream about: not so bad in melee, good ranged attack and healing class. Light armour is bad, but after having several good self-heals, who cares about hp potions?

And so the day has ended. I had 2130 Turbine points, but the day has been mediocre in Lotro.