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Lord of the rings online

A sale was going on, I had nothing to buy so tempted to purchase some recipe book that would add all missing Westwold recipes. Well well…400 TPs waisted, only one dagger recipe added. Great…

Vytautaz was taken to Ost Elendil by one very kind player and was given some quality equipment. Then, he was power-levelled in some instances and hurray, lvl.45. I could use new equipment. Went to Angmar, finished one lvl.42 “small fellowship” quest to kill Angmarim captain. Was close to death, but enemy died first. Was also able to complete “Enmnity of the Wargs II” deed.

NaktiesKarys ran Ost Elendil several times. One time did a mistake and was killed. Second time I was victorious, slaying everything, even cheating mobs, looting valuable equipment for Vytautaz. Also managed to finish “spirits aiding Angmar advanced” slayer deed + last boss of the list, finishing all slayer deeds in Evendim. Hurray!  NaktiesKarys also met one very kind lvl.90s Dwarf who hunted for War master lashes. That player simply gave me all his hard-earned rep. items. Very kind of him…and too bad, these items drop very rarely, hunting them is a poor pain. Also, did WIldermore daily quests and resumed Hytbold daily quests. Rohan, my beloved Rohan, where I can I ride free like a wind (with Grima’s head on my axe…).

Xaa…toons were half-active, grinding their 105 Turbine points in one run. Cartographile of Eriador is a nice deed with good rewards. XaaU met one very kind lvl.30 Minstrel who formed a fellowship to kill spiders. I did not use slayer deed accelerator, and after returning to Bree went for some Orcish blood. i was lvl.14, enemies – lvl.18/19, yet I was victorious, finishing Orc slayer simple and advanced deeds, later starting Neeker and Sickle fly slayer. I think I will just do all slayer deeds on this toon, at least not too grindy ones.

At the advice of my blog readers – created Warden toon. It is both melee and ranged class: good; uses medium armour: good, because not that squishy as Minstrel. Uses dual-vielding stuff: good. However, the class itself is a bit complicated. I saw stances, I saw gambits and was a bit lost. Ok, in order to perform a Gambit I should perform several combinations, like “attack A+attack B+Attack B+Attack A+Attack C –> Death from the Sky special attack”. Alas, I did not pay attention to wiki, so first steps were painfull, I was less effective than Minstrel. Also, if Minstrel gains new ability at lvl.4, Warden gets it at only lvl.6. So far – no crowd control or DPS, but maybe it’s like Minstrel: true power only after lvl.7? Will try to play, to print Wiki information. So far Minstrel is the best class I have experienced.

And so the day has ended, I left satisfied. I had 1920 Turbine points, my toons were growing and life was just great in Lotro.