Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys logged in to receive daily award, then Vytautaz logged to see if there was any quality armor for him in Auction house (it wasn’t). It was time for NaktiesKarys to grind Barrows for reputation items.

Hunt was very good, for a very long time I was there alone, taking every single reputation item, my shared vault being overflooded with trinkets, mathoms, barrow treasures.

New Xaa…toon started her adventures and immediately after Archet was burned went to Bree. Using almost 1000 barrow treasures was a challenge to my mouse, but I’ve done it. Kindred with Men of Bree reached, then 122 well preserved Mathoms: Kindred with Mathom society reached. And only then – adventures hunting wolves, hendroval and alike.

And so the day has ended with 1818 Turbine points. Waiting for next sales of individual/shared vaults…