Lord of the rings online

I could play only for some 3 hours yesterday, so only XaaO was active. She started, looted some (not-so-fashionable looking) equipment and grinded 95 Turbine points. En route to grinding zone used teo sets of reptation items: Council of the North and Men of Bree. Then – sold stuff and was deleted. XaaP should be active today.

In Lotro forums I proposed an idea to have item that would allow to change class. Reactions (trolling about inventory bags aside) are mostly  positive. I think it is needed, since players have been asking about such change for a long time.

NaktiesKarys and Vytautaz were inactive since there is nothing for them to do. Vytautaz will wait for next festival and try to grow up by doing festival quests. I need level 50 to use some quality weapons. Thanks to Turbine, there are no weapons for lvl.40-49 Champion.

And so the day has ended, I had 1273 Turbine points, zero fun and ready for more grind. Not sure what for (shared/individual storage?). Day has been mediocre in Lotro.