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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was active in Mirkwood, doing slayer deeds. Warg slayer (advanced) finished. Dead slayer – finished and I have soloed most of Warg Pens. Unfortunately, some deeds required very precise timing of attacks, so I with my AoE could not complete this. But maybe one day game chats will resurrect from dead and I will be able to find a group.

XaaK grinded TPs fast. Formed a group with another lvl.8 Minstrel, we easily killed wolves, then moved for Dourhands, another player joined our group, then we ran for spiders. I did not use my accelerator untill group dissolved: then, it was a high time for speed killing. Result: all TPs grinded, some 500 silver deposited in shared vault.

Our group member adviced Rath Teraig as an optimal Goblin and Spider grinding place. He is probably right, but only in case one is doing Rath Teraig exploration.

I was satisfied – as always – with my Minstrel, it’s very powerfull class, almost immortal. A pity I started champions and wasted lots of time with shing-shing.

Game chats, including my Kin’s were, as always, dead. I have abandoned idea to find a fellowship for anything. The only thing that still flows are cold invites (copy text, paste into IM); received one even from my former Kinship.

And so the day has ended, I had ~553 Turbine points. Day has been…normal in Lotro.