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Logged in for a while: met almost no one from those I knew from my Guild. Walked, talked a bit and logged off. Istaria does not fascinate me like earlier.

Lord of the rings online

Most of the day game was on maintenance. When online, I continued to do Mirkwood quests. Since I was 30 level higher than monsters, everything went very easy: lots of quests from almost any Elf, monsters to kill and land to explore. Managed to finish some deeds, can’t remember which exactly. I enjoyed questing there. Things were easy, rewards with Legendary item xp were good too, reputation with locals grows up. And it seems I would do meta-deed “Ambassador of the elves”, then get some additional TPs.

Mirkwood itself may feel grumpy, especially at night. However, it has its own beauty and is an interesting place to explore. Player say, local instances are good for obtaining quality loot: thngs I need to verify.

Then did Rings of Dale instance with one kinnie, he was lvl.31. Things were going  almost good, but he died at least twice per instance. Well, even my AoE attacks could not prevent a horde of monsters from attacking. But we were victorious at the end, that was the most important.

And so the day has ended, I had 228 Turbine points, was happy with questing/deeding and ready to do every single quest or deed there. Life was superb in Lotro.