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Lord of the rings online

It was a run to some 2000 Turbine points. I was starting and deleting Minstrel toons. Using all available reputation items. Looking at the clock and thinking it was to make it at all.

January 7 ended with 1152 Turbine points. 3 toons on Silverlode did most of the job. Xaab started with 1467 TPs, finished with 1612; Xaac started with 1612, finished with 1712; Xaai started with 1712, finished with 1817. And before that, Withywindle toons did their job, grinding the hard way. It was a run towards miscalculated goal.

At the end I have looked once more into my Lotro store bookmarks. Right, I just had to calculate real prices…hurray, I had enough TPs to purchase! Add to chart one item, second item, third item. “You do not have enough Turbine points”. Apply coupon. Order placed. Order delivered:

  • Mirkwood expansion quests: 695 points (bought for 521)
  • Vault upgrade VII: 895 points (bought for 671)
  • Shared storage II (10 slots): 595 points (bought for 446)

Total: 2185 points, bought for 1638. Savings: 547 Turbine points. Hurray.

And now, up to advance Turbine point grinding guide. Note: it DOES require ranged class, no matter which. It does require you to use everything you have. So:

  1. Finish intro as soon as you can. No side quests
  2. Archet –>skip everything, ride to Bree
  3. Bree: take a quick ride to Celondim
  4. Take no quests whatsoever. Do wolf slayer and wolf-slayer advanced
  5. Visit elven ruins
  6. Limael’s vineyard: Goblin slayer and Goblin slayer advanced. Grats on level 10 and 5 Turbine points.
  7. Kheledul Docks: Dourhand slayer, Dourhand slayer advanced, Hendroval slayer. Starting Dourhand exploration.
  8. Area near Thrasis lodge: use slayer deed accelerator. Hendroval slayer advanced.
  9. Quick ride to spiders’ area: Spider slayer advanced
  10. Ride to last elven ruins. Exploring reamining Dourhand places.
  11. Use ride token, visit Places of Dwarves.
  12. Hurray, Turbine points earned (~95).

However, this strategy denies any quest, except “Collared”. take it, but do not bother finish it. And in the mighty halls of Thorins Hall – well, there the toon can sell everything before being deleted. Very simple, very quick…and requiring patience. It may be advanced with reputation items (one toon earned 145 TPs this way).

After mega-grind, went to rest a bit and rode to Mirkwood. Done local quests, started many deeds and some will be finished quickly. Kinship congratulated on such purchases, some kinnies offered their help in TP power-grind shoud I feel too exhausted.

And so weekend has ended, I finished with some 178 Turbine points. Life is excellent once again in Lotro.