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Lord of the rings online

Game was partially off-line yesterday: all the servers reported unable to log in. All those who were in-game were unaffected. Looked like problem with login servers, but finally (some 21:00 Lithuania time) game was online again.

I farmed in Wildermore, doing dailies, killing wargs+wolves and mounted foes. Found one good spot, farmed here, killing one poor warband each time it spawned. Maybe I am becoming a cruel person to kill same warband every time it spawns? Anyway, by the very end of the day I had 240 mounted enemies killed and was rewarded with Turbine points.

One player approached and asked for help in levelling. He needed to become some lvl.64 and started few instances at lvl.66. We finished them easily, I just swept and my colleague (he was a Hunter) rained arrows upon unsuspecting enemy. Started Siege of Gondamon, but missed that giant spider was attacking main NPC, then main NPC died and we left. I continued my ride in Wildermore.

A pity I can’t take HD quests. Towards Big Battles they are just…too boring and too empty. I do doubt if before the great battle heroes were running with piece of metal crap to Aragorn. I doubt that great Kings have done fortress that looks like maze so that each soldier is easily lost.

And so the day has quickly ended, I had 922 Turbine points (well, if I buy all I needed I should have at least 15.000 Turbine points…), was thinking about starting a new main toon – Minstrel, of course. The day has been good in Lotro.