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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys went to Wildermore, doing local deeds. Uruk slayer, Snow cat slayer, Troll slayer, Wolf and Warg slayer, Mounted foes slayer – all are to be done, both simple and advanced. Took some Survivors of Wildermore deeds, did them all, received reputation. Did two quests in helm’s Deep: to bring one stuff to Legolas and then to bring some crap from one gate to another. Boring, poorly done quests as if a teenager programmed them.

Asked about “one kinnie” whom I was helping yesterday, it turned out he had completed what he needed, but asked if I could help with one quest. We tried, but I couldn’t join. Perhabs due to fact I did quest that removed some NPC for me and that NPC was quest-giver. Kinnie started Carn-Dum by accident.

I asked him to stay and get some xp. Well, it became clear I needed to kill some trolls, some Pale folks and even Angmarim. Angmarims were finished quickly, trolls were near completement when we cleaned area up to the entrance.

And then we entered the evil castle: two champions, one lvl.50, another lvl.95. First rooms with spirits and Angmarim posed no challenge. Pale folks and orcs were no match for us too.  Finally, a room with one sorceress.  We entered. Approached sorcerer. She spoke some words…and then all the room was full with her clones. We were in the middle of onslaught.

I started my AoE without thinking, without targeting too much. One attack, another attack, fervour adding button, yet another attack, took some heals, watched my kinnie fighting as best as he could…and finally, within short time, all hall was massacred. We stood, tired and victorious. A very impressive real testing of my new Legendary weapon. It could be called legendary after such fight. We were really impressed.

And the we met the main monster, were (unfortunately) both killed and retreated. I returned to Wildermore, finished some simple deeds. Yes, slayer deeds there may be problematic (I had some 10 Uruks only, so killing 240 would be a problem even with accelerator). Find some good spot with snow cat, maybe will finish their slayer.

Then with another kinnie did an instance, killing evil folks and finally defeating an evil spellcaster. Instance was challenging, but since two members were lvl.30s and I was lvl.95, we were victorious and I gained some valuable marks.

At the end of the day I was invited to join Big Battle, but was confused. My Engineer is still good for firing siege weapons only (well, and I am extremely bad at targeting, so it’s of no use). Not proficient to build barricades yet. And those Rohirrim that have much health and no brains! At the end I did not go there. I’m not good without BB points and to get points I need to show good results in BB.

And so the day has ended. I had 912 Turbine points and was satisfied: I was of some help to others and had some fun. Days are good in Lotro.