Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was little active:could play for some 2 hours only. I was gathering Eorling skarn ore, making low level ingots…and they I suddenly asked how much does Flawless symbol cost in Skirmish camp. The price was acceptable so I rushed to craft new Axe.

4 High-grade Eorlingas skarn ingots: check. 5 legendary shards: check. Emerald shard: check (anyway 4 more are in the vault). Flawless symbol of Celebrimbor: check. Run to the vault, take relic removal scroll. Use on old weapon – all relics safely removed.

And then it was very quick, I deconstructed my old good weapon that had served me for a long time and saw all the victories and defeats. Together we went through all battles, together we were having fun. Now, I have new weapon, with the same name, used my IXP runes to bring it to level 60 and invested all points into AoE.

Asked if anybody needed help and lucky one kinnie was gathering rare drops for Champion quest in Angmar. We went, initially easily killed some worms and then he guided me to the barghests. In fact, he went in wrong direction and we had to move through spirit-inhabited land. I fought through 3 hordes of spirits, sweeping them all: my new weapon and my favourite AoE trait tree worked perfectly. Kinnie was a bit surprised, but that’s what is awaiting him, as he is Champion too.  Finally, barghests were found, but too little and we ended with only some 3 items instead of 10.

I left satisfied. Once again I was able to help others and have much fun. It was a real joy to sweep hordes I myself was once afraid of and lead my kinnie to safety. To be in the middle of the swarm of enemies and sweep them all without taking any serious damage. To see famous “shing-shing”. That’s the way of Champion.

And so the day has ended, I earned zero Turbine points, but had some fun. It was an excellent day in Lotro.