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Lord of the rings online

300 posts, yay!

Main event – NaktiesKarys went to Big Battles. Was asked by one kinship member and reluctantly agreed. Had to question him because of too different opinions:developers praise, most users dislike Big Battles (BB). Most users in Lotro forums critisize BB for not being able to survive main line and do side quests and earn any valuable medal. And in order to be efficient you should invest points into profession (Commander, Engineer, Vanguard), while you get point for victories.

Everybody disagrees on Vanguard choice and almost anyone advices to choose Engineer (siege weapons+barricades) or Commander. I went for Engineer after battle was over.

And so, BB. Iconic walls and hordes of orcs ahead. Lightnings flashing the sky, brave Rohirrim defenders and hordes of monsters ahead. Some time to understand map, inspect troops…and then it starts. Enemeis move ahead, our catapult (we were two in a group) firing a spectacular missile, then group of very strong Rohirrim defending their stand. I could do little job while in group…and little job while solo (unbalanced, I think).

Then things turned not so good. I had to run from one corner of the maze to another. Find little rope, climb down, protect horses (2 of them died). Then protect tower from being razed. My “defenders” disappointed me, they just were retreating instead of holding the line at any costs. Finally, tower was blown up no matter the costs. Then, orcs came for wounded Rohirrim and some supplies, once again race against time.

We finished Helm’s Dike, went to Deepining wall, where I had too many hard times to defend wall (DPS…), take down ladders and understand what to do. My kinnie manned catapult and managed to destroy several enemy’s siege weapons. Battle was over, I earned one golden pocket and retreated.

BB made a confusing impression. Orcs march in little group, not that massive assault we saw in movies. No decimation like hundreds of archers fired in the movie. Defenders have huge health and power, but too little brain. Amost no instructions what to do in some situations. Example: war machine attacks gates, help! I stayed at the gate, unable to attack machine…while it turned out I had to protect archers. Thanks for no clue, Turbine.

Overall, it was going no to bad, but BB are not meant for solo (bad!) and a huge group is required. At least 12 players should do it: 8 should use catapults/ballistae and 4 should guard each flank. BB are very hard to master, require a perfect (up to parts of seconds) timing and exceptional knowledge of what’s going to happen. Not that impressed wit them.

After BB, my NaktiesKarys finished everything with the crafting – now I am at top of weaponsmith and prospector. had to use some 3 craft accelerators and make some 600 ingots. Side results: +3 Emerald shards. I also did all quests in the forest of Fangorn, was impressed by its atmosphere. One Kinnie helped with Wyrmdelf exploration. And NaktiesKarys also finished some of slayer deeds:not bad for such grindy deeds like 200 or 240 mobs.

Grinding with myu minstrels is going extremely well and fast. Soon I will have enough points to buy almots everything I need (Mirkwood quest pack, Milestone skill II, shared vault uphrade, vault upgrade).

And so the day has ended, I had some 892 Turbine points and ready for more adventures. Life is just good in Lotro.