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Lord of the rings online

Minstrelling in Lotro continues. Xaab finished her last deeds, bought 1 gold (as ‘free’ toon she couldn’t send money directly) and got deleted. Good-bye, my good Xaab, you will be remembered as one who has shown me The Way.

Xaac was born with a clear purpose to grind 130 Turbine points in some 2 hours. Of course, had to make corrections and grinding took a bit longer. Same adventruing in Ered Luin, same avoiding of too long quests. This time adventuring was not that much terminator-like, maybe because I did not find quality jewellery. I invested into red trait tree, chose skill that increases damage by cries/ballads. Of course, it was a joy to one-shot enemies and just watch deeds auto-complete, sometimes with very little efforts.  At the end of the day I had the following deeds to complete in Bree (since Ered Luin was complete): spider slayer (simple, advanced), brigand slayer (simple, advanced), History of Dunedain (too little riding and entire 10 TPs).

And so the day has ended. Xaab finished carrier with 367 Turbine points and Xaac ended a day with 482 TPs +some 500 silver coins. It is obvious, TP grind goes very good, I am close to magic 695 TPs (Mirkwood expansion) or with some more points grinded – vault upgrade. The days are just excellent in Lotro.