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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent all his time in Helm’s Deep region(still messing Eastern and Western Rohan). Harvesting every ore I could find. Doing every quest I could. This time went to Aldburg. Had to patrol roads, then rescue some workers, kill Orcs (it was my pleasure to slaughter them), boars, wargs…Then – lots of tasks in Aldburg itself. Find this, kill that, patrol one camp, kill more orcs. There were stories too and sometimes I even read the quest text.

After finishing quests in Aldburg – was sent in one settlement in swamps. Yet more stories there, from fairy tale’s “find ring in a hay” to telling local landlord’s daughter she won’t be marrying Theoden King. And, of course, incompetent local leader that pays little attention to the orcs. If he would ask me, I’d tell – exterminate them all because trhe best defense is offense. Good orc is a dead orc, only then they won’t be a danger.

Experience was flowing – both from task items and quests and killings…and crafting. Sometimes I think experience grows too fast. I was just begining the region…and too soon I am near level 95.

Was happy enough to craft lvl.95 Second age weapon for my kinnie. Travelled to native Thorins Hall, crafted lots of Eorlingas ore and then – weapon itself. That’s why it’s worth living in Lotro – to help others.

Started “Xaab”, my woman-minstrel. One colleague adviced for quick levelling. Well, starting was horrible. I had light armour only. No dual weapons. 1 melee attack. 1 ranged attack. 1 self-heal. And some weird stances I had no idea about. Finally, some 2 weird abilities I dragged off toolbar. At some level (2?) received lute and could range-attack enemies with it.  At level 3 I could not one-shot level 3 wolf: ranged attack damaged it, but I had to finish with melee one. What would such squishy toon do in, say Moria or Iornaith’s dungeon – no idea.

However, colleague encouraged me to play Minstrel telling it is godlike toon that one-shots enemies at lower levels. I just need nerves and patience (and remember I have no dual wielding, no medium, no heavy armour, no AoE and bracing attack and might is not priority). I think I will try. If this toon grinds TPs fast – I will play minstrels.

I have also reached another reputation with Eorlingas: it seems easier than I expected. 9 times I turned it task items, then did quests – and voila, new reputation.

And so the day has ended, I had 22 Turbine points (but wait, who cares about points when region is superb and everything is interesting?), also reached level 94. The day has been superb in Lotro.