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Lord of the rings online

Yesterday NaktiesKarys still had his VIP status, but moved to Annuminas instead and farmed some reputation items. Now, I have 400 Bands of Numenor and some 600 Black badges. Should be enough for 3 tooks – then we can add Thorin’s Hall 165 First age relics and get some 200 Turbine points worth of investment.

WoneT started her adventures, finished Spider slayer, received 5 Turbine points and logged off.

Meanwhile Turbine announced discount on inventory bags, so I must grind to save 200 Turbine points. Would take some time, because I have a goal of 100 Turbine points per day. Not easy to achieve, but doable. And when I have additional bag (no matter, 4th or 6th) – I will purchase Helm’s Deep and move to new adventures.

In short – much clicking and grinding awaits, but at the end my toon would be ready for quick fighting in Helm’s Deep.

Life is intensive and good once again in Lotro.

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