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Lord of the rings online

Lotro was on maintenance and it took more time than I expected. When game was finally online, I went to do quests in Trollshaws, last of them. Run there and here. Hunt Troll, find arrows, bring arrows to Forsaken Inn, bring stones to Bree, then talk with NPC in Rivendell – I was running forwards and backwards. Rewards? Did not care much about them, since it was coins and xp that I was interested into.

One instance failed: I had to track Gollum, but too soon lost it..and abandoned quest. Maybe next time, when I will purchase this region…or Turbine grants at least 7 days of free VIP.

With Trollshaws completed, I went to hunt in Annuminas. Angmarim slaying went very good, stuff dropped, reputation items too. There was some competition, but every side managed to finish its goals.

The end of the day was dedicated to investment. Took all First age relics, Bands of Numenor, Black badges to the shared vault. Result – some 160 First age relics, ~340 Band of numenor and ~440 Black badges. I am and will be investing into Turbine points. One day – 150 TPs without any trouble, sounds just good.

Now I have to wait and start grinding for some 900 Turbine points: really need more inventory bags. All I have to do is grind and wait for discounts. Then – purchase Helm’s Deep, inventory bags and rush to new adventures!

And so the day has ended, I grinded many reputation items, earned zero Turbine points, but left very satisfied. The day has been good in Lotro.