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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent all the time he could in VIP zones. Finished last quest in Limlight Gorge – hurray, “Quests in Limligh Gorge” completed, metadeed “Quests in Great River” completed!

Then – to Trollshaws, doing all the quest I could, from “slay 5 toads” to “talk to NPC”. Hurray, 30 quests completed, Turbine points awarded. I will continue doing every single quest there as long as I could gathering every single Turbine point.

A pity, as a premium I will lose 2 inventory bags and unlimited swift travel (more expensive, but quicker). I am determined to buy 2 more inventory bags so that I won’t bother about little space. That means grinding for ~2000 Turbine points and waiting for sale, but I will grind and I will wait.

And so the day in Trollshaws/Limlight Gorge has ended. I had 4383 Turbine points, some quests to do…and become Premium. Life was really fast and good in Lotro.