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Lord of the rings online

Turbine’s servers (I suppose, affecting all their games) went down yesterday for some 30 minutes. Therefore was not able to play as much as I wished.

NaktiesKarys finally found NPC in Great River, heavily armoured Elven girl Noriel and quickly finished all Thinglad quests. Received one quest to report to Stangard and that was quests’ end. Also, finally reached Kindred reputation with Riders of Stangard and used all 20 golden tokens to purchase “Return to Stangard” skill. One more region I could travel free to.

And then I went for some killing. Went to one Brigand camp (Lavakh?), where Brigands were with their warghs, thus advancing Beast and Brigand slayer deeds. It was quick, then I switched to Easterlings which was not that fast…but still it was done. Took nearly all day and at the end I hunted Shades. This hunt was the most painfull: not so much shades and they were scattered across fields. Thought to use accelerators, but there was no need.

Now, only two realistic slayer deeds remain: Orc slayer advanced and Shade slayer advanced. Managed to kill 110 out of 255 monsters, today I have to slay remaining 145. And then, my headache: Limlight Gorge. Regional, LFF channels are dead, no one talks, no one listens, although I saw player around, some lvl.70x, some lvl.95.  I am feeling despaired, all I need is just one person that could heal me, that’s all. No need to fight, just heal and that’s it. Two meta-deeds would be finished with Limlight Gorge…but still no help. A pity.

And so the day has ended, I was mostly satisified, had 4063 Turbine points (so close to my goal!) and only few days to grind. If only I could get someone to aid me in Limlight Gorge – it would be just perfect.