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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys continued his journeys, doing one quest after another, but Fate was not with him.

Thinglad. A town with some NPCs, where I should finish 20 quests (all listed in wiki) and receive some Turbine points. Went there – no sign of the ring on map. And yes, I have “show trivial quests” activated. Not to worry – I decided – maybe I need to kill some named animals, show their drops for NPC and it will start quests. Nothing happened, NPC awarded me and that’s it.

Asked in Kinship chat: nobody answered. Asked in regional chat – long time silence, then one kind Dwarf anwered, suggested to go to Galadrielle. Went there, hardly find her…but no quest. She only gives something Helm’s Deep related. Went few times more to Thinglad, finished its explorer…and yet nothing. Then went to Limlight Gorge.

Finished exploration deed, did not take any slayer quest because they are impossible solo. Asked in Kinship chat if anybody could help me, nobody answered.

I was left alone and went to finish some slayer deeds. Shades, Orcs and some more monsters were killed. Some repetative quests were done to increase my reputation with Riders of Stangard. Then I went to Galtrev, did one lvl.75 instance quest to defend local City Hall from orcs that are trying to burn it. I just two-shotted every single orc and restored my Kindred with locals.

And so the day has ended – with dead regional, lff chats, with no answers from Kinship – I had 3998 Turbine points (somehow 60 TPs earned) and am close to Helm’s Deep expansion. I do need help in Limlight Gorge, but looks it’s nowhere to be found. The day has been…mediocre…in Lotro.