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Lord of the rings online

Quests and deeds in Great River continues. This time I was directed to a new region…and once again, dealing with Oath breakers. This time I was to make a choice: curse them forever or use them against Sauron. Why curse, I thought, let us give a chance to repent…

And it went wrong. I did some quests, did some instances and finally was victorious. My own NPC was satisfied…while the other was in furry. How dared I to do so? As a revenge – decreased reputation with the men of Dunland. Oh my, another travel to do some repetative quests and restore Kindred! Lesson: folks, feel free to choose radical solution. While you are in Great River, you could easily re-built reputation…

Quests moved to Brown Lands, had to fight lots of magi there. Luckily, quests helped greatly in slayer deeds. I already have finished Easterling slayer, as well as some exploration deeds. Of course, quests are all grey, no monster could really hurt me and I can solo anything there: such a good thing to feel invicible. Quests also gave me valuable reputation, I am now en route to Kindred with Riders of Stangard.

I have but one troublesome region:Limlight Gorge, where I would really need some help. My only wish – some healer who needs to quest there. I could fight, healer could do 2 things: a) stay away at safe distance from monster; b) heal me. That’s all, with good heals I could do all the fight.

And so the day had ended, I had some 3938 Turbine points and felt much fun. Life is so great in Lotro.