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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys continued quests in Great River. Already asked for Kinship’s help to deal with Limlight Gorge monsters, since they cannot be soloed.

An interesting quest line was in Parth Celebrat where I had to deal with shades. Initially it was simple “go and kill”, then I had to talk with Shade’s captain…and then the story began. I witnessed their story, how brave soldiers of Gondor faced Easterlings, Gondorian being few in numbers, but still they decided to defend their fortress. And how Easterlings offered life and gold and Gondorian captain agreed, because he wanted to save as much people as he could…and how it was up to me to throw cursed treasure to the river. It was interesting, I was fighting along with the shade and hope shade finally got some rest.

Deeds were completing slowly – number of mobs to kill is a bit large (120 for simle, 255 for advanced). I think I would be forced to take some slayer deed accelerators and use them. Most of these are for 30 minutes, but with right hunting spot should be enough.

And so the day has ended. I had 3888 Turbine points (some 400 remaining), had much fun and liked Great River region. The days are so good in Lotro.