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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys continued his journey. North Downs were finished, every single deed. Tens of quests remain, but these are of little importance.  Impression about North Downs: many running forwards-backwards and too little Turbine points from deeds. And deeds (except Rangers of Esteldin) give 90 Turbine points only. Not so much. Some were very grindy, but I got my rewards with reputation items, from Mathoms to War master’s lashes. North Downs were finished, time to move to Great River.

I started with Standard…and once again, dark atmosphere. Men and horse starving, local leaders at odds, one leader killed, another poisoned, third went to an exile…and the shadow of Grima, that evil worthless creature I am wishing to kill since Rohan expansion! At the high cost, Stangard was free of Theoden’s (i.e. Grima’s) envoy. Quests were kind of…banal. Gather grass for horses, plant crops, mine for crude ore. Some were stealth, like “get to point A without being noticed”. I was very happy to meet majestic Landroval and help this nice bird with some quests.

Slayer deeds are long (takes 375 mobs to be killed), but quests helps greatly with that. Go, kill goats for some meat (+ to “Beast slayer”), free land from Orcish defilers (+to Orc slayer) and so on. Sometimes I killed just because that orc was standing in a wrong way. Spiders were hunted, they are rare and they form a problematic slayer deed. Last quests involved killing shades: there are some good locations so I will surely farm these.

In short, Great River is a quality region. There are many deeds, there are two meta-deeds and reputation deeds too. I will get some valuable Turbine points from this region and I find I like it (but not dark shadow of Grima).

Can’t rememeber if I wrote about Inn of the Forsaken quest which I failed 5 times in a row (the evil one with the cellar and riddles. It’s impossible to get past this killer-doors) or how I slayer Dragon matron in Angmar with few hits.

And so weekend in Lotro has ended, I was three-days old VIP and had 3868 TPs, some 810 points away from Helm’s Deep quest pack. The days have been just great in Lotro.