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Lord of the rings online

Finally, used “VIP for 14 days” thing. Got a card with some 1,5$ on it, checked that magic stuff…and hurray. Now I have 5 bags, some “rest xp”, though I don’t know what to do with them, access to some regions, access to Ettenmoors and Swift Travel. Also, I am able to spent Destiny points (though nothing spectacular, only buffs). VIP unlocked all slots I thought I would have to purchase.

NaktiesKarys managed to finish Sarnur (now have 120 first age relics + ~340 Dourhand cresrs) and rode to North Downs. Lots of grey quests to do. Took every of them, missed only one by far. Orc killing was a pleasure:one hit – one orc; in case of AoE attacks one hit – few orcs. Finished “Orc slayer” and 15 quests deeds. Defeated every single monster with maximum 2 blows. I am getting some xp from quest completion, so it helps me to advance a bit. Now, I am officially in North Downs, taking every quest/deed – and when I finish, I will take Trollshaws.

WoneS did her last riding quests (ruins of Bree land, sighs of Shire, farms of Shire, Elf ruins, places of Dwarves), deposited last 100 silver coin in shared vault…and got deleted. Now, my toons spared me about 700-800 silver coin. Not so little, upkeep for 4 weeks.

And so the day has ended, I was very happy with temporaly VIP (will use every single feature I could), had 3698 Turbine points. and VIP spared at least 800 TPs. Life is excellent with Lotro.