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Lord of the rings online

…and New Year is there. Happy New Year to everyone, may the Luck be with you, may even the grindiest grind have sense and fun.

Meanwhile NaktiesKarys finished last sensible deed in Yule festival: 120 quests. I got a Yule frame for my portrait and warsteed appearance. It was over, I could head back to Thorins Hall and farm a bit Sarnur. Was interrupted by one kinnie: he wanted lvl.85 Burglar legendary weapon. I went home to Thorins Hall, bought receipt and made him the weapon. It’s very fortunate, I still have some bound to account Celebrimvor symbols. Not too many, but still…

WoneS, my new girl, started her adventures and -in short- did almost all deeds. All that remains are 25 Turbine points worth deeds: Ruins of Bree land, Elf Ruins exploration, Places of Dwarves, Farms of Shire, Sights of Shire. However, these adventures were quite good, I earned some 115 Turbine points in one-day run (having  in mind need to be with my girlfriend, eat, go to shop, clean flat etc).

These days were good. I hunted, I did quests, I had fun, I saw numbers of earned TPs increasing. With Yule festival, I earn additional 30 TPs and completing 2 new quests (WInds of the Storm and reachinf lvl.10) gives me additional 10 TPs.

Now – to New Year plans. I do plan:

  1. Purchase Helm’s Deep quest pack
  2. Purchase 4 trait set slots
  3. Purchase Mirkwood quest pack
  4. Purchase Great River quest pack
  5. Purchase Milestone II quest pack
  6. Purchase remaining 4 race slots

If only I could try VIP for 14 days, I could get 4th bag and fast travel for free…but looks it’s not an option.

Overall, these days were very succesfull ones. I am close to my goal, some 1000 TPs remaining from HD and 4 trait slots. The days were just superb in Lotro and I look forward for new adventures.