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Lord of the rings online

WoneR did the last remaining deeds, killing (advanced) brigands, neekers, sickle-flies, doing last 15 quests in the Shire, then going to Bree…only to find she was at maximum reputation with Thorins Hall. Bravo, at least saved load of reputation items for next toon. Then, quick ride in Shire and Ered-Luin, depositing piles of copper coins into vault…toon deleted. Wellcome, WoneS, race of Man woman champion.

NaktiesKarys did the quests in Yule festival, finally finished “Such Generosity! deed, got 50 tokens back. I bartered 2 horses from the vendor and now am waiting to finish 120th quest. Only then would I be able to get warsteed things:the ones I went to Yule festival for.

And so the day has ended, I had 3483 Turbine points and with some luck I should be able to reach my goal within a week.

New Year

Well, this year has largely been succesfull. Except the fact I left Dunedain of the North (but that’s too long story) and for some time was kinless…and except the fact I would never finish some deeds just because they are in an unpopular regions (Angmar/Moria). However, I got new friends, went into new adventures and purchased many content.

Largely I was satisfied with the game. What do I expect in the next year? Well, to reach level 95, finish all deeds in Rohan/Wildermore/ Helm’s Deep. Purchase remaining regions (Mirkwood, Great River) and possibly some nice stuff (like more milestone skills) from the store. Get my Weaponsmith to the top of effectivness in HD. And if only could – help all those in need, should they evene mention they need it.

In short – year has been good, another good one is to come and Happy New Year everyone!