Lord of the rings online

Entire days were spent in Lotro – I sat near PC with a printed sheet of paper and my favourite Stabilo88 markers. I had deeds, TPs and my future nicks written. Deed done – marking with X, let’s go to next deed.  I have been creating and deleting toons: WoneO, WoneP, WoneQ – all created and deleted. Now it’s WoneR that grinds Turbine points.

I logged into every single existing toon on Silverlode, Dwarrowdelf, Crickhollow and got some 100 TPs from them. Sent all my toons to Frostbluff and every single  toon brought me 30 TPs. Not so bad for the begining.

Meanwhile NaktiesKarys was farming Yule festival and after that – farming Sarnur for reputation items. Drop were scarce, had to pick up every Dourhand crest and overflood vault.

Had some talks with the Kin members. Sometimes we argue about tactic. When I asked about Forges ofKhazad Dum, if they were doable solo, one person adviced to try. yet wiki told it was a 6-man instance with bosses of >70,000 health. Solo such monstrocity? Then – about nerfed champions, fellowships in Moria etc.

Tried to try “VIP for 14 days”, but failed: Turbine’s site won’t accept my credit card. Opened support ticket at 25th, still unanswered. Hello, dear Turbine, it’s possible customer talking! However, there’s too little time left even if they activate it tomorrow: Trollshaws and Northlands withing maximum 10 days?

Overall, I felt very busy…and very satisfied. Turbine points were flowing, experience was growing and vaults sometimes were overflooded with rep.items.

And so the days had ended. I have 3413 Turbine points: only 1262 to go for HD and 4 trait set slots. Days were almost superb in Lotro.