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Lord of the rings online

New girl was born, WoneP. She started to grind Turbine points, did some slayer deeds (Spider, Spider adv., Brigand slayer, 15 quests in Bree).

NaktiesKarys meanwhile quested in Wildermore. I took every single quest, the only exception – small fellowship quest to kill warband (leader had >100.000 health). Otherwise things were going just good. Every quest was done, every enemy was killed, I helped local people and finally became Kindred with the People of Wildermore (no more need to collect things for Task Board). Some deeds (find wild flowers and some huts) were also finished.

Our Kinship organized a Christmas event: everybody could volunteer and become Secret Santa. I was one too, sent some items by mail, received some valuable ones from another player.

Then, a time has come to start daily quests and build up reputation with the Survivors of Wildermore. These are 5 daily quests, so reputation builds up slowly. However, quests mostly are interesting and contribute towards deeds. I was satisfied with these, even if it would take forever to build that reputation.

Managed to help one kinnie with the Mirkwood adventuring. There were several epic monsters with 50.000 health. Together (she, her soldier and me) managed to defeat all of them. A pity, could not help her further – I did not purchase Mirkwood quest pack. After we were finished – I did epic quest line in storming Enemie’s tower, set monster lvl to 60 and killed everybody there.

Then went to Yule festival. Previous festival coins/deeds are null and void, but all the quests and deeds are the same. Rewards are the same. Titles are the same. Even shop has the same items. Maybe mounts look a slight different. It really disappointed me: why not introduce something new? Why not re-design old stuf or introduce some new? So I went, did all I could, helped the poor, fought the rich, received lots of shabby clothes as rewards. Now my goal is to do 120 quests for Yule, get some gold coins and then – all mounts/caparicons they offer. Doing Yule now is like last year’s chewing gum: you may chew it, if you like, it may even have some taste left…but would you be satisfied? The only good are titles: use 10 tokens, buy a title, get 5 Turbine points.

And so weekend has ended. I felt satisfied, had some 2658 Turbine points (2300 remaining). Life was just good in Lotro.

And in case I forget: Mery Christmas and Happy New Year!