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Lord of the rings online

First of all: Yule festival is there and maybe I will start grinding its tokens to get mounts and mount cosmetics. But not for now.

NaktiesKarys spent his day in Wildermore, travelling from quest hub to quest hub. Nurzum, the evil ice giant, terrorizes the land and it was up to me to help locals to evacuate and witness yet another death of man whose last wish was to his wife – to rise a child she was pregnant with. Yet other women were very cold to her and only after some actions did they allow here to stay. I had to take care of another group of refugees, scout clear path for them and make my revenge on the Orcs.

And then the Trees came. One of them slaughtered a group of Orcs. Then it was my quest to kill Isengard wood-cutters. And finally – I went to Huorns, as old as Middle Earth and witnessed their history. Saw the fall of 2 of them. Saw how evil Giant came, how he swore to serve Saruman and began his way of murdering everything from wooden trolls to Huorns.  There were great many quests, some including tricky path-finding.

I felt satisfied with it. Killing Orcs was real pleasure. Advancing to level 88 was very good. Completing some deeds, including reputation ones – just superb.

I was thinking about latest VIP offer from Turbine like “upgrade, then cancell within 14 days and receive premium”. There is but one unclear moment:

1. Should I pay in advance 15$ and after 14 days receive refund? Or

2. Should I just enter my credit card information even if there is 15 US cents (and get no refund since I did not pay anything)?

Otherwise, the day was great in Lotro. It ended with some 2513 Turbine points and I foresee much more TPs ahead. And Yule festival as soon as I finish with Huorn quests…