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Lord of the rings online

WoneO was sent to have some rest after grinding. NaktiesKarys went to conquer Wildermore and get some Turbine points as well.

Region greeted me with lots of enemies around (do not even dream about safety), from hidden Sauron spies to ice giants. Quests were running very quickly, from “kill NN orcs” to “bring firewood to the fireplace”. A region that is ravaged by the forces of Sauron, almost every settlement being under attack and lots of tragedies before my eyes. Brave defenders that fight enemy, being slained one after anotherl; farms destroyed, refugees running from the terror of the war, women and children between them, settlements abandoned. There is little hope for these people, but it’s up to heroes (like me…) to save them. Or at least make their life easier.

It is first time that I met ravaging creature, Ice Giant, crushing everything in his path. A terror machine, created by Sauron. I met one un-lucky traveller who was deceived by Sauron himself.

Quests were interesting, ran very quickly and I have completed some deeds as well (explore Forlaw, Orc slayer). Cold could be felt, especially near ice-spikes. There was some session-play, but not too hard and these plays were really interesting.

And so the day has ended, I had some 2463 Turbine points and felt very satisfied. The day has been superb in Lotro.