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Lotro was offline for a long time, so had to play Istaria. Still many un-finished, un-claimed plots, some in Bristugo. However, Istaria’s plot system is just superior, you can almost build your own town there (and if they allowed one paying customer to own, say, 5 plots – we would have real private towns). I asked my Guild members where to get my pet (Loyalty rewards vendor did not want me to give some). It turned out, I had “to be active” and to “rebuild my time in Istaria”. SO – now I have to log, do something reasonable, like run in circles…only to have pet. A pity they want to force players to be active.

Lord of the rings online

Lotro was offline for a long time: I came home at some 19:00 and it wasn’t around 21:40 when Middle-Earth was back to life, so I had some 1,5 hours to play. Did Hytbold dailies, spent all the tokens. Reached level 86! Did not earn any TPs, but received a quest to go to Wildermore: the prove my purchase works. Tried to hunt Half-orcs, but without wiki did not remember where to hunt: all camps I met were Orcish only with only 1-2 Half-orcs around them.

Kinnies are happy with my return (well, Istarians thought I am back…but I wasn’t), I am happy to meet them too. They are all active in Helm’s Deep: a perfect chance for me when I finally grind my remaining 2200 Turbine points. Then I will have somebody to aid me, that’s for sure.

And so short day has ended, I felt a bit tired, but satisfied. Days are good in Lotro.