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Lord of the rings online

Yesterday almost all the day was spent in real life. Moving stuff to the new flat (my Grandmother left it to me, we remembered the year of her passing by), cleaning, placing things and taking some bath after all. Internet works, still fighting telephone and TV to work.

Had very little time to play:started WoneO, a kid of…tall, non 90-60-90 typicall Lotro girl, finished intro and then first deed, Spider slayer. 5 Turbine points earned. NaktiesKarys did Hytbold dailies and helped Sutcrofts district.

And then I noticed there was a sale on quest packs, including Wildermore. That was something I did not want to miss + it costed some 635 instead of regular 795 Turbine points. Since Wildermore is not profitable region – I am just reducing losses…

And so the day has suddenly ended. I had 2273 Turbine points, zero Hytbold tokens and ready to grind every single TP. Life is once again with Lotro, life is once again nice.