My silence in the web is coming to its end. On Sunday I am moving to my new flat. It took almost a year to make it after my taste. It took lots of money, but now it’s done – everything is bright and new.


In mmorpg.com they announced pets will be introduced for those who are long enough and some special pets – for subscribers. They also claim pets initially will be social only. Weird. I do not think pets belong to this game, leave them to WoW or Lotro’s Loremaster…

Lord of the rings online

Obviously, had not played, even did not update it. However, Turbine announced what may sound as pay-to-win: Gift of Valar. Pay 5000 Turbine points, raise your toon to level 40 and receive gifts, from 1 gold piece to 25 Mithril coins. Kind of bad idea, too close to some (bad) trends – “pay NNN $ and get lvl.50 toon”. On the other side – player loses lots of Turbine points he could have earned up to level 50.

That ends my post. Tomorrow will be busy – it is a year since my Grandmother died, so no play in Istaria/Lotro.