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Lord of the rings online

Weekend was a very busy one.

WoneM rode to the Shire and Ered-Luin, finishing almost every deed, except slugs, quick post and spoiled pies. Then – Ered Luin, same deed doing. Return to Bree, finishing sickle-fly slayer (advanced)…and all the deeds done, some 270 TPs earned from deeds alone + reputation from Bree, Mathom, Council of the North. Then – to bank, transfer money to NaktiesKarys and delete toon.

WoneN was born, though short-lived one. She did same basic deeds in the Bree land. One time some player asked if I had played Lotro before. I did not tell him I have been playing Lotro for one year…In Combe, I was lucky to cooperate with one player, we did some quests and slayer deeds together. After Bree – rode to do Shire and Ered Luin exploration only. I had little time to lose, so omited all this killing. This toon finishe reputation with some 3 factions. Then, WoneN got deleted.

NaktiesKarys was more active: did dailies in Rohan,  investing all the available Hytbold tokens into town reconstruction. Now Hytbold looks more better and I am determined to finish reconstruction. Yes, it will take time, but I have it. I was more than lucky to craft 2nd age Legendary weapon for a colleague-Champion. To do this, had to re-arrange traits so that I have racial trait (return to Thorins Hall) equipped and am bind to Hytbold. It will save me time and money. FInished beast slayer of the Eastemnet, receiving entire 5 Turbine points and closing to one class deed completion (use some skills 250 times).

Next week I suppose – will be week offline. I am moving to a new flat, transferring internet line there. Line would be there today and in an old flat – no internet 😦

And so the weekend has ended. I had 2904 Turbine points, had all Hytbold tokens spent and felt very satisfied. I’m closing to Helm’s Deep expansion, all I need is just a little grind. The days have been very good in Lotro.