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Lord of the rings online

Helms Deep is to be launched today, hence huge server downtime expected. I am so torn apart with mixed feelings. Simplyfying lots of traits is good. Making trees (“advance skill A to 5th level to get skill B”) is wrong. Making harvesting easier by removing tin is good; making universal ore is very wrong. Balancing classes is good, but making some of them just beneath the bottom (Champions) is very wrong.  Another point is – I would be forced to bombard kinnies with questions about setup. All I need is one and final setup for my Champion, no need to experiment, no need to meditate what skill A would do if skill Z is equipped.

Meanwhile NaktiesKarys done his dailies, earned tokens and even left 5 tokens for today. Wold district is being rebuilt, perhabs today I will finish local cottage.

WoneL went to Barrows and tried to finish all class deeds to earn valuable Turbine points. Unfortunately, earned only 5 TPs, all other deeds are to be finished today. By the way, WoneL was able to collect some reputation items. Then she went to Lone Lands to strike 2 targets with one shot: finish Warg slayer deed and finish Enmnity of the Wargs deed. Bot reward with valuable TPs.

Tsuhelm’s alt was not met. Posted tells many times, answer was the same “Player is offline”. A pity.

I am on my way to start quick mega-grind. Grind without thinking, grind to make at least 2500 Turbine points. I have some 500 TPs worth reputation items in my vault and could make about 150 TPs from basic deeds (basic killing in Bree land, exploration in Shire, basic killing in Ered Luin): 14 toons needed. That’s at least 2 weeks of work. But let’s be optimistic, if I let my alts (like Vytautaz) grind rep.items, all this could be made faster.

And so the day has ended, I had 2109 Turbine points, 5 Hytbold tokens. Last day in good Lotro was good.