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Lord of the rings online

It was “no-hurry” day. I went home late, knowing I had nowhere to hurry. Logged into Lotro, everything was going very quick…and here I am, in Hytbold, with all good old skills, no letters, no Hytbold.

Something went wrong, I asked in Kin chat what exactly was it. As it turned out – data outage in Turbine datacenter, then some repairs…and result – Helms Deep is to be launched at November 20. Hence Bounders’ bounty is still active as well as +100% xp boost. To tell truth, there are more active players and kinnies report seing more log ins: players are interested in HD.

I was satisfied with this, did my 5 dailies in Hytbold and hurray – finally Kindred with the last 2 factions in Rohan. Once again, contributed to the Wold district. Finished house of Wold, then did all they asked about Mead Hall.

I talked to kinnies about Champion. Those who have knowledge about HD – agree about this class being ruined. In Lotro champion forum only 2 over-elitists disagree. Everybody else is talking frankly that Champion would not be good for anything. And of course, over-confident elitists allowed themselves noobish behaviour telling me they “forgive me, young one” and alike. It’s just for argumented disagreement with them. They gave no facts, no data – nothing, except few “me iz kool u are not” phrases.

And so the day has ended. I had 2104 Turbine points (2345 TP left to Helms Deep), spent all Hytbold tokens for Wold district. The day has been good in Lotro.