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Lord of the rings online

Helm’s Deep expansion is to be applied today, so – all this day will be about updating. I’m waiting for it, though am scared. Champion class forum is full of negative reviews. Players -every single tester – are telling red line is absolutely of no good and only yellow is worth something. Blue (“tanking”) is being judged as “so-so”. As testers say, Champion would never be a DPS class. All that is left – spectacular, yet not so practical AoE attacks. Yes, these look good, especially when there is horde of low lvl enemies around you…but dear developers, have you ever played a Champion? Since you had not – let me tell it was considered a DPS class and one that got no invites in any group. Now, looks like Champion is just ruined. It was already the lowest-ranking class: no quality ranged attacks (like hunter), no pet use (lore-master), no magic use (warden), no healing (minstrel), no heavy tanking (guardian, captain), no stealth (burglar). Just heavy armour and spectacular AoE attacks. By the way, developers promise to remove Green Bubble thus making poor Champion survival skills even worse. But I don’t wish to move back to Istaria (sorry, Chronicles of the Gifted!). The fact is, my other alts probably won’t be champions any more. Any DPS class would fit.

Some questions got answered, especially about housing. They are telling old chests would be respected and only mithril coins upgrades would be available.

NaktiesKarys rushed to craft Weaponsmith Guild emblems and now have about 89.000 rep. points worth of them. Some metal ingots reserves are depleted due to extensive crafting, but at least there I should succeed:making new reputation with the Guild within few minutes. I also tried to rebuild Wold district of Hytbold, doing dailies and sometimes blaming developers for impossible daily quests. Example: solo quest to catch some frogs. There are Trolls everywhere and they respawn quickly. Frogs are very rare and guarded dy some 2-3 trolls nearby. If I fight troll, I can’t pick a frog and when I approach to frog, it disappears…instead troll spawns nearby. It is clearly a quest for 6-12 players: every player but one secures area fighting off every troll, while one player collects frogs. Despite of this, I am nearly done with Entwash Vale reputation, only one quest remains to Kindred.

Vytautaz went to Annuminas, finished some class deeds (rumours are, deeds like “strike NN times with ABC attack” will be removed), received TPs, looted some Warden of Annuminas reputation items, then farmed Barrows for rep.items again.

WoneL was very active doing every deed she could. Visited barrows, finished “kill 150/300 spiders” deed, killed some wighs, then got 2 more deeds…when finally she got into 2 great groups. That was just great. We were running, killing everything, I quickly finished few deeds (enmnity of the dead II and III, as well as deeds to kill barrow spirits). Got lots of bounder tokens – they allowed to switch to NaktiesKarys and purchase the last Symbol of Celebrimbor for last 1000 tokens. Reputation items also were flowing. I had one player who asked me if I needed all reputation items, I told – not all. He needed Cordolan trinkets, I was able to give him ~100 of them…and then thought to tell that should he need any help, he may ask my main…when I noticed it was lvl.85 player. Besides, in one group I was fighting had to hand with person from my former Kinship.

And so weekend has ended. I had 2084 Turbine points (still lacking 2415 TPs!), spent all Hytbold tokens I had. The last days of non-ruined Lotro were almost perfect.