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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys fought in Rohan, doing daily quests. Unfortunately, Eaworth dailies mostly were impossible (beacon, dressage and alike), so could do only 2 of them. The rest were from Norcrofts. When all dailies were done, started to rebuild Wold district in the Hytbold. After all, Harwick has always be the center town, always friendly for me. Now, it’s up to me to show some gratitute towards local people. I will rebuild everything I could doing all dailies I could. So far have no idea about crafting instance, but one day I may try. I have also made some crafting in Snowbourne (vault and forge there), making last preparations for Helm’s Deep.

DunedanMule supported me with some Dwarf steel (since I run low on it). Elf steel is a problem, I use it extensively, it’s expensive (20 gold for 50 ingots) in Auction and I cannot craft it since I can’t leave Rohan.

Gave 2 sturdy steel keys to one kinnie. A pity, he did not read I was giving them for free and sent me money. I did not ask for this, did not want this and explained him I do not charge friends. All I asked were these elf-steel ingots, but since he got none, I sent for free. I hope he will remember for the future:I don’t charge friends. If I can give, I give, if I can’t, I do not give.

WoneL continued her journey, going to barrows. Wanted to advance my combat deeds in Taradan barrow, but there were lots of people playing. I ran away, got an invite, rejected it, got 2 more invites, rejected and even did not want to talk. There was a little sense in a group: I needed to make attacks, not just grind xp and loot. Being a bit angry, went to kill undead and barghests, reached level 22 and managed to finish some deeds. That’s something…unexpected for me, WOneL had to be deleted soon, but let her adventure and grind TPs untill HD. Then, WoneL would be needed for her money only.

Turbine still makes puzzles about HD updates. This time – about housing. They announced players could purchase space up to 60 slots for gold coins (60 slots – some 125 gold) and later – only for lots of Mithril coins. But wait…I already have a big house and 60 slots in 2 chests! Would I need to re-purchase (something I keep WoneL alive for)? Or it would be granted, like “finders-keepers”? What would happen, if I do not upgrade, to stuff I am keeping in chests? No clear answers.

And so the day has ended, I had 1964 Turbine points, spent all 25 Hytbold tokens. Day has been good in Lotro.