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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent all his time crafting and then doing Hytbold dailies. Quests went easy, Hytbold tokens were grinded without problems and my reputation with Entwash Ale is growing fast. Having 30 Hytbold tokens, I had two choices:help Sutcroft district with anything they ask or help to rebuild Smithy. Kinship adviced Smithy since it unlocks crafting instance. This was done, now I lack only 5 Hytbold tokens to finish Smithy.

And WoneL continued her adventures:did the last riding with 24-hours horse, finished almost all deeds in the Shire and quickly moved to Ered Luin. First of all – exploration deeds: Elven Ruins, Places of the Dwarves, Scouting Dourhand, Rath Teraih exploration. Then – Dwarven quests, combining them with slayer deeds. All of this went very well. Goblins, Hendrevail, Dourhands were all slaughtered without mercy. Spiders and wolves remain as well as finish last quests. Then, Ered Luin will be done. I also used Mathom reputation items and finally reached Kindred.

I am really enjoying +100% xp event. Feeling very good and relaxed, even grinding is fun and interesting to me.

The next thing – I am preparing myself to 2 things. First: stick to Hytbold and when HD launches – do all quests/deeds for xp, maybe using xp accelerators. Then, all the dailies would be very helpfull. Second: will make my WoneL and Vytautaz to grind for in-game gold. Reason – they have announced that upgrading house chests would cost lots of money (up to 125 gold). Therefore I have to get every single coin on Withywindle. WoneL may pay for one upgrade. Vytautaz – for another. Of course, I am trying to grind every single TP for Helm’s Deep expansion (4295 TPs). Not sure if I will like it – but it’s about achieving lvl.95 and gaining some Turbine points after all.

And so the day has ended, I had 1904 Turbine points, spent all 30 Hytbold tokens (have 0 in the wallet). I was very happy in Lotro.