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Lord of the rings online

Only one week remains to the Helm’s Deep expansion. The most popular topics on the forums – concerning HD. We know there would be skill trees, one kind person explained about Champion ones. We know full tree would cost 55 points, we know we would get 1 point every two levels (so basically I would have 41 point) + some points from  having books done. I am waiting for this expansion, though have an uneasy feeling about skill trees.

Meanwhile, new girl, WoneL, was born and started her adventures. As WoneK, she ignored epic quest line and focused on regional quests only. So far – all deeds in the Bree-lands done (except Ruins), Kindred with Thorins Hall, Wardens of Annuminas, Council of the North  – achieved, Kindred with Bree and Mathom – remain. I expect some 10.000 xp to come from Shire quests – so these would save some valuable Well preserved Mathoms.

It was an interesting run. I noticed I could rely upon vendor weapons untill lvl.20, as well as vendor armour. Otherwise – it was a great fun, to re-experience quests and even to be killed (which rarely happens with my alts). Once again I supported my main toon – paid for house upkeep, purchased valuable Eastemnet coal.

NaktiesKarys initially did some crafting, enjoying Rohan region. Later, I moved to Hytbold and did daily quests. This time tome of reputation experience (+5000) helped a lot. As dailies were completed, I moved to my favourite Sutcrofts district and aided as much as I could.

And so weekend has ended. I had 1634 Turbine points (oh my…some 3350 remaining), spent 25 Hytbold tokens. All I need now is to grind TPs as fast as I can if I am to purchase Helm’s Deep. Getting some 300 within a day is possible (150 from reputations of 3 factions, 150 from basic bree land deeds). The weekend was just good and fun.