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Lord of the rings online

It was a multi-tasking day. DunedanMule crafted rich iron and gold ores, reached level 19 and went out of ores.

NaktiesKarys went to beautifull Evendim (those who are in doubt what to buy for lvl.40 – Evendim only, you won’t regret it!), harvested some rich iron and gold, by the way killing evil Limfarn. Lucky, night was my ally as those creatures spawn better in dark and sometimes I could kill 3-5 of them with one AoE hit. Deed was done. One kinnie asked for help, but as always with us – a competition began and I did not make it, someone else helped. The other time was spent talking about my grumpy Vytautaz: how could he level up? Some advice Forochel, but I do need entire 1 level to gain.

Back to DunedanMule, crafting all the ores, then refining to advanced ingots…and selling them. Strangely enough, ingots were sold quickly (and I thought only ores are best-sellers…). Then, took my girl to the Michel Delving and purchased Universal Toolkit. It would save my place and money. Also, was happy enough to donate some precious metals to our Kin jewellers. My vault is still overflooded, mostly – with reputation items, some of them enough to level up 4 toons at once. The there are lots of reserve ingots in case I or someone else may need them.

Vytautaz was grumpy Human with weird helmet (where in LOTR have you seen helmet with 2 deer horns?), fighting Orcs near their camp. Grind and grind, untill 150 orcs were grinded…thus deed completed.

In Kin chat we discussed about Helm’s Deep crafting and equipment. Some players state “golden items” would become obsolete. I take a harder approach: it would take time to raid and get the best equipment, thus – for some time lvl.85 quipment would not drop in price. Same with crafting: one would have to grind tons of resources to get proficiency, then grind tons of items to get Guild experience.

There are still no reliable information about Champion class in Helm’s Deep. A pity, I do need this. However, there are more info about trait treets and looks like Turbine had done it wrong way (i.e. “max skill A to get access to skill B”).

And so the day has ended. I had 1294 Turbine points and some 20 Bounder tokens left.