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Lord of the rings online

I have one re-make of a famous song: I’m a grumpy Dwarf – in a grumpy world…

Vytautaz left Evendim and went to Angmar. First settlement, should be no problems. Killing spiders, other animals, orcs, Angmarims – all went good. Rewards for quests were not that good, but it matters little. The problems began when I received forced fellowship quest in a starter area. Initially I was alone in that region (at least “fellowing” tab thought so). Later lvl.40 player appeared and disappeared. I was left alone.

Alone with horde of Angmarim crossbowmen, fighters, archers…and need to search all the town for 4 chests. Later I received 2 more hard forced fellowship quests. Dear Turbine, how am I supposed to make fellowship if there are 1 (me) or 2 players in that region and all chats (regional, advice, lff) are dead? My dear Turbine, maybe your employes should play Angmar/Moria solo?

Angmar is hard, depressing and very grumpy. It is impossible to play there and have fun, unless you are at least level 80. I dislike this region even more, when I have revisited it.

I decided not to surrender and went to kill Orcs – it’s a deed after all. It soon went too boring. My under-equipped toon was capable of fighting, but experience still sucked. Needed to kill 100 monsters to get to level 43…and I need at least 52 to adventure in Angmar. I could not level in Angmar (too hard for lvl.42), I could not level in Evendim (takes forever), I could not use Misty Mountains (evil Goblin town!).

Logged as NaktiesKarys:replenished my metal ingots, finishing Rich iron and for some reason mining Gold in green and nice Evendim. Purchased symbol oif celebrimbor from Hobbitses for 1000 bounder tokens. Otherwise there was nothing to do.

And so the day has ended, I have earned zero Turbine points. Day was just mediocre in Lotro (but common, maybe today it would be better).