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Lord of the rings online

Harvest festival is finally over. I have done all I needed quickly. Few days of runs, performing emotes, gathering geodes and pumpkins – and I have mount, mount cosmetics. One pity- free taxi to Party tree is no more. I rate this festival as success, though really dislike haunted mansion: never heared good reviews about it.

Meanwhile NaktiesKarys continued to harvest everything in Eregion, from Ancient silver to Khazad tin. It had little purpose, except of relaxation, but it still was refreshing. Land was safe, there was little competition – so I could replenish my ancient iron and elf steel ingots. For some reasons, I do like having stacks of 100 ingots of each type. Khazad copper was donated to our Jeweller, and Ancient silver, Khazad gold are safely in vault in case anyone may need them. Crafted yet another Legendary weapon of the second age – Captain’s great sword.  I am so happy that I am usefull!

Vytautaz went to Evendim, slaughtered some 240 Gauredain, grinding lots of sellable stuff and Bounders tokens. Then, he took his way to evil, grumpy Angmar. Some quests were easy done – which is suprising for an under-equipped toon. Other, harder quests awaits. But I will make it and earn TPs from Angmar for sure. I am determined to grind there as long as I could.

And so the day has ended. I had 1279 Turbine points, 1000 Bounder tokens. Day has been just great in Lotro.