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Lord of the rings online

It was a looong weekend (starting November 1) and all the time was spent in Lotro.

WoneK worked hard. Finally, TPs were refunded, Turbine email was received quickier than expected: good job, Turbine. And then, Shire/Ered Luin has begun. My girl rode her horse, doing every quest she could do, grinding every TP she could. Wolves, spiders, goblins were slained, farms and sights of Shire were explored, Quick post was restored, 75 Hobbitses quests were completed, even Slugs were killed. Then there was Ered Luin: slaying of wolves, hendroval, spiders, goblins, brigands. Exploring Elf-ruins, Places of Dwarves, Rath Teraig and scouting Dourhands. Finally, there was a reputation run: mathom society and Men of Bree, all were finished. Then, she paid for house upkeep, bought 2 reputation items for 2 gold, replenished Rich and Eastemnet coal reserves…and now waits.

DunedanMule became Kindred with the Rangers of Esteldin, earning extra Turbine points.

NaktiesKarys was very active. He grinded reputation items, be it Mathoms or War Leashes. Angmar and Barrows, even Sarnur were farmed. Helped one player with weapons: he asked for lvl.40-50 ones and received them. One day took part in 3 skirmishes in a row: two Sambrogs runs (lvl.59) and one defense of Smials (lvl.59 too). Then, we had Sambrog run at level 85: was a bit hard, I spammed AoE attacks and was healed all the time. At its end, received some marks/seals and good lvl.85 jewellery. Also had a chance to craft some legendary weapons for kinnies. Finally, yesterday went to Enedwaith: was running low on Khazad iron + there was one unfinished deed. Iron was mined quickly, iron and steel ingots were produced…and then, there was a time to kill Wood trolls, 255 of them. Killing was quickly finished, 20 Turbine points was gained. Then, harvested Khazad copper, ancient iron.

Our Kinship had a Helloween party. We gathered outside Kin house – fireworks were lightining the sky, our musicians played all songs, starting from “May it be the evening star…”, there was a quiz, horse race and other great actiivities. Players from other Kinships joined our party too. In short – all was going very well.

And so the weekend has ended. I had 1269 Turbine points (a top record – 345 TPs in one day) and felt very satisfied. Life is excellent in Lotro.