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Lord of the rings online

WoneK, my TP-grind machine, continued her journey. She left Bree-land and went to the Shire, green sunny land of Hobbits. First quest…and very quickly I started finishing my deeds, watching as notifications popped: deed completed, title bestowed, deed bestowed, visit Lotro store. Things were going fast. I teamed with one lvl.10 Hobbit to kill evil Flies and finished advanced deed, not to mention loot sales.

And then I looked at the store: it showed same 814 Turbine points. What a…was that? I kept pressing “home” and “home’, but store was silent. Purchase history was empty. Only on my last deed did it credit me with 5 TPs.

Out of 40 earned Turbine points, 35 were lost. There was some scream in forums, I filed a ticket…and then silence, no word from developers. Somebody told thwy acknowledged this in Twitter. As of now, no such tweet.

Feeling grumpy, I logged in NaktiesKarys, helped one kinnie with quest instance in Eriador. Same instance where I was once helped. Now, I am a Big One…Another player approached asking to make Legendary weapon; but he is only lvl.50 and crafted LIs begin from lvl.60: had to explain him.

And then I hunted in Sarnur, grinding hundreds of first age relics, deleting Dourhand crests, teaming with some lvl.85 players. Now I have enough Thorins Hall reputation items to max 4 toons.

And so the day has ended, I had 819 Turbine points (in practice I should have 854 TPs), was a bit dissatisfied with store…but I have time to grind for more high-level reputation items, which I am alredy doing  now. Life was…half good in Lotro.