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Lord of the rings online

Yesterday WoneK continued her adventures…and I felt I was rediscoovering the game again. First of all – cancelled all epic quests, I was not interested in same “escort Sarah to safety”, “exterminate evil crows” and alike.  Even cancelled “Blade of Renown”  – did not want to run forward and backward, then back to Ogurr.

What I did were simple slayer deeds. Finished with Brigand slayer (advanced). Then protected  Hobbit from incoming 3 waves of attackers. And finally, did Orc slayer and Orc slayer (advanced) deeds. This was fun. I was lvl.18, they were lvl.19 and I killed them with ease. Looted some weapons and armour, felt almost invicible. I remember how it was stresfull for NaktiesKarys to fight there…and how easy it is now. Just look at looted stuff characteristic, do not hesitate to throw old things away and use all power/morale potions you have. And I was victorious, fighting 5 orcs at once, using all my AoE attacks, standing triumphant over bodies of my enemies.

After finishing easy Orc-killing, went to Buckland, did some easy quests there…and now to Adso’s camp. Will stay there to do some things, just avoiding Old Forest and Barrows: I still need easy TPs.

Was happy enough to help lvl.10 Champion to kill brigands near Staddle and neekers near Andrath lake. Brigands were easy prey for my ranged and AoE attacks. Neekers were a bit harder, but still easy. Lvl.10 champion was in some superpower mode, using probably 20 foods/potions that gave her very impressive power. Soon, brigands and neekers were slain, I could go to adventure myself.

Was satisfied with my ranged attack (at lvl.18 I could finally use a bow) and heavy armour (that’s at lvl.20). Also, game dropped some bounder tokens which my main toon may use to purchase summon horns. What happenhs to bounder tokens after November 18 – only Turbine knows.

Was approached by one Kinship, I told them my main were in Edhel Annon, and recruiter told “it’s not a problem, we are here to make friends and do not mind”. Well…my kinship does mind and I wish recruiters would respect this…

And so the day has ended. I have done all easy deeds in Bree land, have 814 Turbine points and some 25 bounder tokens. The day was superb in Lotro.