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Lord of the rings online

Turbine announced a “levelling contest” to win Helms Deep expansion, life time membership or some 500 Turbine points. Every player higher tha lvl.60 is eligible. I thoght I could rejoice, I could even ask my kinship to help with getting Vytautaz to level 61 quickly.

However, we have “little fine print” – only players from US, older than 13 years. German and French speaking players found their countries were eligible too. All other world was left behind. There was a little explosion in forums, players asking, making nervous statements, feeling angry. Took part there too, one time-  only to convince to calm down. At the end, Sapience explained it was due to laws in different countries that sometimes contradict. A pity, I am feeling left behind…but let us hope one day I will have a chance to win such contest.

So, levelling contest aside, my Turbine points run continued. WoneK used all items (especially low level ones) and gained Kindred with Wardens of Annuminas and Council of the North, as well as reaching Ally with Thorins Hall.

Then there were quests. Slayer deeds. Exploration deeds. WoneK finished “Bree-land adventurer” and even neeker/sickle fly slayer was not such a mess. There were enough neekers and flies, not too much competitors, so that hunt went very easy. I looted everything, selling everything. Money was used to pay for 2 house upkeeps. Had some Bounder tokens drops, but they were very rare.

Now, all that remains are “Brigand slayer (advanced)” and “Ruins of Bree-land”. After that, all easy Bree deeds are complete and I would go either for Bree reputation quests or just kill anything to reach level 20-22 quickly.  Then, it’s high time for Shire (120 Turbine points) and Ered Luin (130 Turbine points) + reputation (50 TPs – Bree land, 50 TPs – Mathom society, 20 TPs – Thorins Hall kindred).

At the end of the day NaktiesKarys visited Michel Delving to purchase yet another symbol of Celebrimbor + several hornes of summoning.

And so the day has ended. I had 779 Turbine points, some 15 Bounder tokens. The day has been extremely good in Lotro.