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Lord of the rings online

A new girl was born – WoneK, new champion-TP grinder. Intro quests were done quickly, Archet was ruined yet another time…and it was high time to start The Grind.

My girl ran everywhere she could, killing monsters, taking every single quest she could, looting and selling everything. Unfortunately, received no support from NaktiesKarys (he was too lazy to craft quality swords). Within few hours, WoneK finished intro, did spider slayer, spider slayer (adv.), Bree-land adventurer deeds. And then, as the day was going to the end – she used some reputation items.

Of course, these were not high-evel ones. 334 Dourhand crests to gain Know reputation with Thorins hall. Some 780 Wicked daggers to gain Known and Driend reputation with Council of the North. 200 Black badges to gain Known reputation with the Wardens of Annuminas. I thought the mouse will refuse to work, but mouse was good and works. Maybe my champion girl curses me for making her use that much, but I had to clean up vaults so that I have space for high-level reputation items. 100 Dourhand crests and 100 First age relics take same space, but have a bit different results, you know. Bree land reputation items are not used by far: need to grind as much reputation from quests as possible.

My tactic is very simple. Make all quick deeds in Bree (110 TP), reach kindred with locals (50 TP). Make all quick deeds in Shire (120 TP), reach kindred with Mathom society (50 TP). Make all quick deeds in Ered Luin (130 TP) and reach kindred with Thorins Hall (50 TP). Reach Kindred with Wardens of Annuminas (50 TP) and Council of the North (50 TP). Total ammount: 610 Turbine points per one toon. All other toons will lack Mathom society reputation (very slow to gain:does not pay off) and hence will earn some 500 TPs. Not bad too.

At the end of the day WoneK paid for house upkeep 150 silver: she still has to earn 600 silver for upkeep and some silver for Rich & Eastemnet coal.

And so the day has ended, I had 691 Turbine point, >1000 Bounder tokens (time for another Celebrimbor symbol) and there are tons of TPs ahead. The day was just superb in Lotro.