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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent all weekend running for various items. Festival went better than expected. I planned to get 3 maps with Vytautaz within 3 days and mounts with NaktiesKarys- within a week. The fact is, maps were earned within 2 days and mounts – within 4 days.

NaktiesKarys did all trickery quests, then – mini games hoping to make 24 tokens a day. However, income was bigger. If October 24 I had 48 tokens, October 25 – had 90 tokens, October 26 – 130 tokens and on October 27 got last 10 tokens.

Statistic shows the most profitable place was Thorins Hall (we, Dwarves, are very generous). Below is the statistic about 4 days:

  • Thorins Hall:1 token worth items (4 times), 2 token worth items (6 times), 3 token worth items (4 times)
  • Duillond: 1 token items (6 times), 2 token items (5 times), 3 token worth (1)
  • Shire: 1 token worth (6 times), 2 token worth (2 times)
  • Bree: 1 token worth (5 times), 2 token (7 times)

Of course, that meant running and teleporting back, running again…but I have enough patience – and it paid off.

On the free time I took some rest and hunted monsters. Angmarim in Annuminas paid for their disrespect to Vytautas and I collected every single reputation item. Then, Barrows were stormed and I collected valuable mathoms, Cordolan trinkets there. Finally, grumpy Angmar’s turn. Spent many time here, killing spirits and Angmarim, looting every single reputation item, be it +30, +50 or +700.

I also was happy enough to help others: in Angmar, we stormed one instance where Elven maid (that was Amarthiel) avenged her captors and died as a free Elf. There were 4 of us – two lvl.50s and 2 level 85, we killed everything. Also, helped one kinnie to level up by storming Great Barrow. Another time I visited Angmar – formed fellowship with yet another player from our Kinship and went to kill Angmarim and their Giants. And to my great joy – I was in demand as Weaponsmith, made some second age weapons. Well, this time Bounders festival is of great help: I have Celebrimbor symbols for free. Also, I was helped by others. Bought one symbol of Celebrimbor and got a valuable Rune of the second age. Got many reputation items sent by mail. One kind person from my former kin invited me to group and helped to finish Troll slayer (adv.) deed in Sarnur.

We also had some nice talk. Joked about my Rune’s name (finally got “Grumpy Nak”; Nak – shortcut from NaktiesKarys), one kinnie told he was going to be Nazgul (my reaction: “A new deed: Nazgul slayer”) and alike. A great atmosphere like in no other Kin, I think.

And so weeked has ended. I had 554 Turbine points and enough reputation items to max 4 toons with 4 factions and 1 toon – with 5 factions. If I finish some basic deeds, I could earn some 800 Turbine points within a week. Things are going just superb in Lotro.