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Lord of the rings online

Fall (Harvest) festival continues. In forums there was some feedback, all negative, but posts quickly disappeared.

NaktiesKarys made some runs: all trickery quests (12 tokens), then mini games. Statistics:

  • Thorins Hall: 3 runs (1 token; 1 token; 3 tokens)
  • Bree: 2 runs (1 token; 1 token)
  • Duillond: 1 run (2 tokens)
  • Shire: 1 run (2 tokens)

Vytautaz made all trickery quests, played some mini games…and in the end bought remaining 2 maps (Rivendell, Enedwaith). This allowed Naktieskarys to complete Cartographile of Eriador deed.

And then there was a Moria raiding evening. Our kinship organized almost non-stop run, running various instances. NaktiesKarys participated untill midnight, completing one quest after another and earning valuable TPs. The runs were very well organized and we really had much fun. Some deeds still remain to be completed, most of them – in Moria instances. Side effect: I looted many Moria reputation items and used them all on Vytautaz, also some runes helped level up my Legendary weapons.

And so the day has ended. I had 534 Turbine points, NaktiesKarys had 48 Fall festival tokens and Vytautaz has almost completed his Festival runs program. The day has just been superb in Lotro.